The DIGIT Education & Training series was developed for both clients and students with the shared goal of improving companies’ efficiencies and advancing financial literacy. Our comprehensive courses are provided by certified professionals, who are well versed in both the systems and use of data. The in-depth courses vary by level and skill set in order to offer the best possible solution for both the business and individual.

Digital Accounting Courses

For many DIGIT clients, this is the first transition from pre-digital, paper-based bookkeeping to a digital system. We are here to help and work hand-in-hand through the change. A systematic detailed process to sync all the various components together can make all the difference in a successful conversion. In addition to the “copyrighted” training and standardized certification program for DIGIT Digital Accountants, we provide on-going access to in house and real time online training platforms with both on-site and virtual options.

DIGIT Certification

DIGIT offers a comprehensive program that will provide the necessary tools to educate, evaluate, and provide hands-on experience to closely assess the learning outcomes and participant’s performance. These assessments will not only provide the students with an understanding of their performance but provide us with measurable data for future development and planning. See course offerings below for more details.

All Available Courses